Here a funny animation of a fat Santa and a exploded raindeer.

This was a challanging animation because of the time…” allways is… ” the designer Emi Shibayama helped me with the Character design, and the painting of the textures, and in two weeks we had everything finished…

Here are the concepts for the characters and backgrounds from Emi Shibayama
escena1 escena2 leno
Here are some images from the process:
Some face rigging and other things that I created for the project, and screenshoots from the animation process.
I linked a camera to the face with the face rig controlers on the side, to be able to edit easily the face expresions during the animation process.
wip_02 wip_03

And here some scene setup for the render.
Because we didn’t have so much time, I tried let the images ready in 3dsmax and then only a fast composite in Nuke was necesary in the end.

wip_04 wip_01

And here some final shoots of the short film.


200941-RENOpapanoel-bigframe_santa_01 frame_santa_02 frame_santa_03 frame_santa_04

ArtDirection & Caracter design : Emi Shibayama
All 3D content : Ignacio Mullor
Editing, SoundFX :  Ignacio Mullor