Using the previous version of the Dragon, that was modelled for a project mapping, I had to adapt it to a high quality production for the same famous building in Barcelona, the Casa Batlló.

In this case I had to upgrade the textures to make it look a bit more integrated with the scene, and again I used Fume FX for the creation of the fire.
With Fume FX I encountered some problems, because the position of the camera was quite far away, and the flames should reach the camera, so the FumeFX scene was quite big, and my computer power limited… I was thinking to fake the perspective of the fire, but I wanted to keep the real proportion and camera angle for the shot… so finally after some tweking of the parameters I got something enough good.
I also had to take care of animation again.

There was some more scenes that I had to work in:


The Dragon passing by the roof.dragon_03

The oppening of the Dragon’s eye.dragon_04

And here some colormap of the tiles for the roof…
That was of course the harder part… the roof has its own special tiles and the dragon needed to match the color.
Tiles from the Casa batlló unwarp

Love Casa Batlló.
Created, produced, directed and postproduced by nueveojos.
Actress: María Huerga
Music: Luis Miguel Cobo
VFX: cubica
Dragon: Ignacio Mullor
DOP: David Omedes
Color grading: Claudio Güell
Sound design and postproduction: Pablo Martín (Nov25)
Production: Marc A Martínez