This easy animation was for the Tram 10 Years exhibit that will be in some of the most important Comercial Centers in Barcelona.

El tram hem porta on vull anar! ( tram brings me where I want to go )

The video calls for the very good things that the Tram has changed in Barcelona!
The video is in catalan for now, maybe translations will be made in the future.

Here some images from the making, the storyboards by Emi Shibayama brilliant as usual! :D

storyboard_tram02_03 storyboard_tram03_02


Some captures from the viewport, there wasn’t much detail, because of the timing and budget, but we managed to add characters and some little details that make it a bit more interesting.








And here some frames from the final animation.


tram_03 tram_04


Hope you like it! and thanks for watching! :D