This is a project of modelling a 3D dragon in lowpoly for an A.R. app for the Mobile World Congress Event that happened in Barcelona in 2014.

There is a famous Gaudí building in Barcelona ( Casa Batlló ) that has a very special roof that represents the skin of a dragon.
This project was to create an animated dragon in 3D that will be visible on the screen of every visitor that pointed his phone against the Gaudí’s building using Augmented Reallity ( AR )

The time was really really tight in this project, and some of the Augmented Reallity apps are still very limited.

I had the dragon from a previous project in the same building, a project mapping, but was really high ress and a retopology was not possible, so I decided to make a special version for this project.

I used the base mesh of the dragon, and with Mudbox I painted all the tiles of the roof over the dragon’s skin.
And finaly I baked every texture over the lowpoly model that was used in the AR app.

dragon casa batlló ignacio mullor 3d model

wip dragon casa batlló lowpoly

Check more information about the making off of this project in the blog.