We were asked to create a light show for my cousin wedding, so we did, even if it was only 1.5 months from the wedding, and I was really busy with other projects, I could not let the chance scape! :)

Duration: 10 minutes aprox.
Creation time: 1 month and a half / mixed with other projects.
Location: Vilar Rural Sant Hilari Sacalm ( Catalonia )

Here is the link to the video in vimeo:

We had to change the script several times, because the time started to be a problem, we had lots of ideas we wanted to include but that in the end, they were just drawings on a papers and nothing more. and that’s a big shame!


wip_capture_01 wip_capture_02


fume FX fire simulation

 Here are some of the Original Concepts by Emi Shibayama

andyjulia_character_face_Exp andyjulia_character3 unicorn

We were following some guidances that the couple and they’r family sent us, but, we had to let some things out because of time and scene complexity or other things like all the water simulations that at the end were all out of the final projection mapping.
Here are some of the first StoryBoards that Emi made… most of them had modifications in the end.
andyjulia_story01-01 andyjulia_story01-02
Here are some liquids simulation for the Indiana Jones scene, and other scene that in the end, wasn’t included in the projection.

Here are some Concept for the scenes that Emi Shibayama made as guidance.

test_santjordi test_meatball test_indy orchidzilla

And here are the first tests we brought into the location for test purposes, to make sure that the corner projection would work as spected, and it did work!

indiana_01 UNICORN_2

Thanks for watching!