Barcelona Tram 10 years

This easy animation was for the Tram 10 Years exhibit that will be in some of the most important Comercial Centers in Barcelona.


Undeclared Work

Directed and Produced: Els Atres
Developed Work: Animatiks, Animation , modelling

An animation explaining what are the consequences of undeclared work.


Dragon Casa Batlló

Using the previous version of the Dragon, that was modelled for a project mapping, I had to adapt it to a high quality production for the same famous building in Barcelona, the Casa Batlló.

Render of a loft in Barcelona

Loft in Barcelona

In this Loft project, I focused into creating textures and lighting that are warm and comfortable, I really want to live in!


Aunav Robot

I did the animation and the scenario modelling for this project for an emergency robot.

vital water 3d bottle ignacio mullor

Vital Water bottle

I wanted to create this bottle, that is not a real product, just as a practice for a realistic object scene.