Tests with Multi UV, Vector Displacement and Mudbox

memo post:

I’m working on a big creature in Mudbox and I found out that I needed extra detail, so after doing some research I came with the solution that was to create a Multi Texture for the model and then proceed with it, adding detail on Mudbox.

I’m still working on it, trying to remove some artifacts on the Vector Displacement, that seems created by some Nesting on my mesh.

To apply the multi uv vector displacement in 3Dsmax I used the Vray displacement mod and using the “composite” material to put all the four textures toguether.

vector_disp_multiuv vector_disp_multiuv_2


I could remove the nesting artifacts in the vector displacement using this setup:
Seems was some problem with the smoothings


Now I have smooth and nice Vector Displacements :)



Later on, because the creature may have fur or hair over it, … I wanted to achieve the same ” or similar ” result using Displacement Modifier of 3DsMax with a Standard Displacement map export from mudbox.

— This is the 3Ds MAX viewport Capture —

vector_disp_multiuv_8 vector_disp_multiuv_10


So finaly! got some nice results and now i’m able to create large creatures, with huge amount of details ” until my ram fills up and my workstation crashes ” :D:D:D