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Moving to Japan!

I’ve been really busy this days, and also making some big changes, in two weeks I’m moving to Japan, to start a new adventure there!

I’ll Update soon.

Really Busy! but playing with ParticleFlow

I’ve been really busy for a couple of months now, finishing some projects for a great company in Barcelona.

The first project was about bugs, but still I can’t show nothing because it hasn’t been released yet.

And the second project, and the most interesting for me from the both, was about satellites and space debris! and of course still can’t show anything.

In between i’ve also done other projects, but well architecture, events, and other stuff.

And now I just wanted to start looking at ParticleFlow a bit more serious, as a good generalist that I am, I must put effort in every aspect of 3d.. and the particles was maybe the part that I had forgoten for long time…  ( maybe because you need maths, and I’m terrible at math….. I guess I’ll need to refresh lot of stuff, trigonometry and so… )

Some colorfull test just Below! :

Damn HDD

I hate my server, some time ago the Gygalan connection failed, and I had to buy a new board.

Yesterday was the time for the 2 units of 3TB in Raid 1.
2 unit of Barracudas ( damn fish now I hate it even more ) that decided to fail almos at same time ( really makes sense cos they were in Raid 1 ) they had maybe a bit more than 2 years of life.

Conclussion, don’t use standard consumer’s drives if you gonna give them a hard use ( edditing video, lots of frames reading etc.. )  theyr durability drops terribly fast.

So my new purchase is a Seagate Constellation 2TB ( no raid this time ) that has a warranty of 5years, and it’s has been designed to be online 24/7  not like the barracuda consumers crap that they are made to be used arround 7h a day.

Then for the extra copy I will use a cloud solution paid monthly, the cost is more or less the same to have a local HDD ( paid in 1 year )   so, not bad solution… the bad thing is the first upload of all the data, take sooo slow even with Optical Fiber.


I asked to the online shop to send it with a nice protection! because before I was buying a HDD to amazon, and was broken :\ so was really anoying.

The good thing of all the day, is that 3 copys of all the ingoing projects is necesary, if you don’t want to cry later. :)