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face Rig test with the VDM

Here is some rapid test for the face rig that I just setup, ” not deep animation involved, just random movements on the controllers “.

Here you can see also some of the iris movement, i had to affect moprh targets but also a gradient ramp for the “white” and “cornea” oppacity.

character rig vdm


morpher rig 3dsmax

Still problems with the VDM on the LVL0 mesh :\ problems on the seams of the UV maps.

Barcekholm Projection Mapping now on Barcelona!

I’ve been working on to creating and animating the main characters for the Barcekholm Projection Mapping, on the “la Mercè” party in Barcelona. Now showing in the City Hall facade, from 19th to 24th of September 2014

The mapping is 20minutes long, with lots of animations and illustration of different artists from Barcelona and Stockholm, ” thats why Barcekholm”. I has been developed by nueveojos and the artistic direction was by Mariona Omedes of nueveojos.
And from this 20 minutes, 6! are just this Facade Faced characters that are telling the story about Jaumet and Sofia, a lovers inbetween Barcelona and Stockholm.

Here a Sneak Peek of what you will see.

“Mercè 2014″: Projeccions a la façana de l’Ajuntament: Barcekholm from Barcelona Cultura on Vimeo.

Hunter God – WIP

Here is a project I’m now a days working on.

Is a personal project, in collaboration with Emi Shibayama an magnificent Illustrator and Art Director.
I’m bringing her characters to life, using 3D.
After a long preproduction, now we are finaly starting the project.

Here is some sketch modelling that i’ve been doing with a mouse… yeah… My wacom is not available sometimes …

I tried to ad some real looking muscles to later on retopologize the model with some better knowledge of the anatomy.

mudbox_07 mudbox_09