Who said Weekend!? today is Eyes time!

I’ve been working on the eyes of the “creature”, the rig will be harder than I tought because Emi’s idea is to be able to control some aspects of the eyes, that usualy dont change, but… because we want to mix “anime style” in our animation, we NEEEED this eyes… well she speaks like she know what she is talking about.

Buut also I wanted realistic and deep eyes.. so if you put, anime eyes with realistic touch? what do you get? .!!!??? headaches…

Here some first version of the eye… eye_01

And here the second version… more to come!

3ds max realistic 3d eye

Damn HDD

I hate my server, some time ago the Gygalan connection failed, and I had to buy a new board.

Yesterday was the time for the 2 units of 3TB in Raid 1.
2 unit of Barracudas ( damn fish now I hate it even more ) that decided to fail almos at same time ( really makes sense cos they were in Raid 1 ) they had maybe a bit more than 2 years of life.

Conclussion, don’t use standard consumer’s drives if you gonna give them a hard use ( edditing video, lots of frames reading etc.. )  theyr durability drops terribly fast.

So my new purchase is a Seagate Constellation 2TB ( no raid this time ) that has a warranty of 5years, and it’s has been designed to be online 24/7  not like the barracuda consumers crap that they are made to be used arround 7h a day.

Then for the extra copy I will use a cloud solution paid monthly, the cost is more or less the same to have a local HDD ( paid in 1 year )   so, not bad solution… the bad thing is the first upload of all the data, take sooo slow even with Optical Fiber.


I asked to the online shop to send it with a nice protection! because before I was buying a HDD to amazon, and was broken :\ so was really anoying.

The good thing of all the day, is that 3 copys of all the ingoing projects is necesary, if you don’t want to cry later. :)

Working with the Hair

Well I’ve been doing some improovements in the hair, but still more work is necessary…



The shape of the hair, and lenght I’m happy with it, small adjustments to be made only, but, the main problem, is the Shader. Don’t know why the Vray Hair Material won’t show the texture with the dark stripes properly, so just for test purposes I’m using and standard shader…    ” and why not use this one for the final result you may ask”… I was planning to do so, buut, how the light reacts over the hair is sooooo different, depending on the Camera angle it almost looks like there is no light at all look:


This has the exact same lighting from the above picture, but how different it looks! :S

So I will need to do some tests with the Vray Shader, to see what kind of configuration needs to be maid in orther to show the texture properly.


Well seemed that was mor paranoid that some real problem, I started the shader from scratch and worked fine, so I will asume that I broke something the first time I tried it. :)

lets continue with the dynamics!.


Dynamics are a slow thing to adjust, lots of try error, but well we are going somewhere I think!

There are 3 different kind of hairs, Short, Mid and Long. they have different physics.

The dynamic parameters are a bit tricky…

There is not too much to play with.

Gravity controls the… ok… dont need to explain that, I think…
Stiffness seems to control the motion on the tips of the hair.
Root Hold, does the same but on the root. BUT seems dependant on the stiffness some how.
Dampen, well seems it controls the motion inherit when the object moves…

I tested the collisions and seems to work more or less fine… tomorrow I will test with Wind.


Barcekholm Projection Mapping now on Barcelona!

I’ve been working on to creating and animating the main characters for the Barcekholm Projection Mapping, on the “la Mercè” party in Barcelona. Now showing in the City Hall facade, from 19th to 24th of September 2014

The mapping is 20minutes long, with lots of animations and illustration of different artists from Barcelona and Stockholm, ” thats why Barcekholm”. I has been developed by nueveojos and the artistic direction was by Mariona Omedes of nueveojos.
And from this 20 minutes, 6! are just this Facade Faced characters that are telling the story about Jaumet and Sofia, a lovers inbetween Barcelona and Stockholm.

Here a Sneak Peek of what you will see.

“Mercè 2014″: Projeccions a la façana de l’Ajuntament: Barcekholm from Barcelona Cultura on Vimeo.


This days I’m not updating any process because I’m working finishing a project mapping for the city of Barcelona in very short time…
There have been some changes in the voice of some characters and that’s allways a problem into the timming!!

The good think of working on weekends is that the renderfarm is quite empty ^__^


173 machines just for meee! :D

Hair and Fur2

Arf… to be able to create the hair that Emi wanted for our creature, I had to fake the underskin of the creature, the hairs were to long and was difficult to get some nice results with a reasonable render time.

Here some progress:

hair_test_12 hair_test_13

I really love how the hair looks with the light behind… ohh… so lovely…. don’t you think?

I played a lot with the Multi strand parameter with this hair, this way I can have lots of hair with a reasonable render time.

Still lots of work to do with this hair.. but today we moved one step forwards! Yehaa!!

Hair and Fur


While Emi my illustrator, is working adding some amazing details to the mesh of the Hunter, I’m starting to do some tests with the Hair and Fur…

Creating the right hair is never easy… and also trying to not extend too much the render times…
Still I couldnt find the final solution to the Hunter hair but we are on the way….

Possibly I will have to apply more than one hair and fur modifier, and also create maps for the lenght, curl, density, clumps…!
Wish me luck.

hair_test_01 hair_test_03 hair_test_04


Tests with Multi UV, Vector Displacement and Mudbox

memo post:

I’m working on a big creature in Mudbox and I found out that I needed extra detail, so after doing some research I came with the solution that was to create a Multi Texture for the model and then proceed with it, adding detail on Mudbox.

I’m still working on it, trying to remove some artifacts on the Vector Displacement, that seems created by some Nesting on my mesh.

To apply the multi uv vector displacement in 3Dsmax I used the Vray displacement mod and using the “composite” material to put all the four textures toguether.

vector_disp_multiuv vector_disp_multiuv_2


I could remove the nesting artifacts in the vector displacement using this setup:
Seems was some problem with the smoothings


Now I have smooth and nice Vector Displacements :)



Later on, because the creature may have fur or hair over it, … I wanted to achieve the same ” or similar ” result using Displacement Modifier of 3DsMax with a Standard Displacement map export from mudbox.

— This is the 3Ds MAX viewport Capture —

vector_disp_multiuv_8 vector_disp_multiuv_10


So finaly! got some nice results and now i’m able to create large creatures, with huge amount of details ” until my ram fills up and my workstation crashes ” :D:D:D

Monster Transformation

Here is some wip progress of a small work to test a new system to put Tiles over a moving body.



I started with a very basic mudbox shape and modeled the monster, after that I retopologized the model by hand on 3Dmax with the nice new tools that come with.


I started to put the tiles over his body

wip_07 wip_08 wip_09


And finaly some draft animation of the transformation… still WIP.

You can see the final integration in this video from Eloy Andaluz:
minute 1:20

Radius Effector 2 from Eloi Andaluz on Vimeo.