By ignaciom






Creating the terrain, has been really heavy, too much to show, and full of vegetation… I really wana do a Spaceship animation next time!!!


I decided that I wont put too much detail on the background, ┬ábecause the low deep of field won’t let lots of details to appear. just in the close ups…

So I will animate everything and then just make the scene beautiful on that shoot for “that” specific camera sight.


This rusty background, can be fixed easily by the DOF effect :)




Working on the backgrounds now.

Here is some low poly Wheat I made.terrain_01


Now i’m working on the terrain, … quite a big change since so many days doing the character, so I’m still a bit confused and trying to put everything in order…

But meanwhile here is a happy monster creature!


Has updates too, like new teeth!

Mushroom ears!

Seems that we can focus on the details to be able to finish the model!

There is a long list of things that I want to adjust, possibly this things could be also adjusted in postpo, but, I feel more confortable with a nice render output so later on I don’t have to tweak it too much.

The render times started to rise a bit with all the elements, so now there is also the challange to keep them low with nice results.

Mushroom ears 3ds max

Rigging the ears


I’ve been working on the rigging of the ears. They are a Spline Ik, controlled by some points, and then a flex applyied to the base spline with the center on the starting point of the ears. That way I can have an “automated” animation for the secondary bounce, that, even is not enough, will make things a bit more simple.

Every “mushroom ear” has different flex parameters so they don’t same way same time, this way is much more interesting.

On the top i have that big circles, because I had to Wire some parameters that I wanted like the “twist” and some “flex” parameters in order to be able to activate and deactivate the parameters.

It works fine and smooth, so i’m happy with it for now :)
spline ik rig 3dsmax

dont you ever relax!

Well, you can actualy relax, but not too much, or this happens when you relax the mesh too much.


Some how it looks like a new “Evangelion” Angel.

Wind Power

Well I started modelling some of the props that we will need for the scenario, I cant loose much time on this so the props will be modelled really fast, but we want to have some realism on them.

wind power 3d wind power 3d 2

working on the 3d vdm ears

Each ear is composed of 3 mushrom, here is only two of them, I delegated again the modelling on high poly to Emi Shibayama, so I can work on the Animatics of the first short.

3d ear mushrrom sss vdm mudbox orjea_03

Now I will star working on the tongue modelling, and after the rigging… fffff…
Emi meanwhile, will be doing the teeth and interior of the mouth.



face Rig test with the VDM

Here is some rapid test for the face rig that I just setup, ” not deep animation involved, just random movements on the controllers “.

Here you can see also some of the iris movement, i had to affect moprh targets but also a gradient ramp for the “white” and “cornea” oppacity.

character rig vdm


morpher rig 3dsmax

Still problems with the VDM on the LVL0 mesh :\ problems on the seams of the UV maps.