Ignacio Mullor 3D all rounder generalist

Konnichiwa! I’m Ignacio Mullor, and I’m from Barcelona.

I’m enthusiastic about everything in relation to CG and 3D is the discipline that I love the most.

Because I can’t choose which part of 3D creation I love the most, I chose the hard path of being an All Rounder.

I self-taught most of what I know but I also studied in Joso ( the most important school in Barcelona for Illustration and animation ), Photography and Design.

Studying the traditional form of every art gives a very useful background to later on use these techniques in 3D and/or any other digital system.

I’ve been working in some studios and nowadays I’m working as a freelancer and I’m actively searching for new exciting projects all the time, trying to focus more on SCFI, VFX, publicity, animation…

I’m used to tight deadlines and challenging projects, I really like to always push a bit further on every project I take on.

On my free time I like outdoor sports like Mountain Biking, Snowboarding.
One of my passions is Japan, I love to go to that country almost every year, and get lost in the huge cities doing trekking or cycling to find new and beautiful places. It’s an amazing country.


 If you need my skills don’t hesitate to contact me.