Really Busy! but playing with ParticleFlow

I’ve been really busy for a couple of months now, finishing some projects for a great company in Barcelona.

The first project was about bugs, but still I can’t show nothing because it hasn’t been released yet.

And the second project, and the most interesting for me from the both, was about satellites and space debris! and of course still can’t show anything.

In between i’ve also done other projects, but well architecture, events, and other stuff.

And now I just wanted to start looking at ParticleFlow a bit more serious, as a good generalist that I am, I must put effort in every aspect of 3d.. and the particles was maybe the part that I had forgoten for long time…  ( maybe because you need maths, and I’m terrible at math….. I guess I’ll need to refresh lot of stuff, trigonometry and so… )

Some colorfull test just Below! :