currently working hard

I’m working on a company fulltime this month so thats why I didn’t updated so much.

Buuuut I have some stuff going on, on one hand I have the Kinonimbus animations ( the big haired, and with mushrooms ear monster ) that it’s almost finished… I will publish next week after some final retouch.

And in the other hand I’ve started a Bike 3D model from the anime VENUS WARS. The Anime is … Mhe… ! not bad. but I was mostly impresed by the design of the motobikes.

Here some final coloring of the scenes… i’ve used as a reference the japanese famous artist and animator Shinkai Makoto. that creates a peculiar color for the backgrounds that I love.

Everything you see in the frame is handmade CG, from the forest to the clouds, and of course the god.


I will upload some funny GIF with the Break down of the compositing… ( I’m not an expert in compositing but might be interesting to someone )