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Mixing some anime techinques with the more “realistic” kind of render, gives much more push to the explosions.

Here is the  original compositing of the explosion, that I didn’t like.. is missing strenght and timming, also the amount of smoke didn’t make sense at all with that small explosion…. Needed to be more violent.
There is different elements in this explosion:  Sparks, Fire of the explosion, and post smoke )


In here is a finished version of the explosion, Playing with the same exact elements, but exagerating some sizes and, giving some Black and White frames inbetween, gives this flashing effect that makes much more sense on the eye.


I love this kind of anime techniques… mental note: “I have to do more!!”

first cloud composition

Here there is the first cloud composition, there is only 3 variation of clouds: a big cumulunimbus, a thin cloud, and a mid volume one…. of course i would need more variation, but I’m happy with the result, and damn fast to render!


rendering clouds

This days I’ve been rendering a lot, so not so much interesting things to posts, but now meanwile the renders are working, I was doing the clouds for the background.

From at first, I was thinking to use photography, but then i tough that i wanted to give the exact form to some of the clouds so.. I used FumeFX to create them.

Not bad results at all, a bit slow to simulate, but fast to render.


clouds_02 clouds_03

clouds_01cloud fume fx cumulunimbus 3d