Monthly Archives: November 2014

WIP backgrounds



The sky is temporary, all the rest is 3D…
I spent time optimizing the rendering parameters to avoid flickering with the vegetation, and finaly I got nice rendertimes arround 10 minutes per frame.

Now i’m animating, and doing the dynamic hair simulation ( that was really messy with 3dsmax 2015 due the constant crashings / bugs ) so I went back using the 2014 for the dynamic simulation.

soon some more material! :)

advanced animatiks

Here there is an animatik, that I will render soon! ┬ástill some work to do… like adding wind to the hair.

Now I have to plan if I render the monster with the hair in the same pass, or I do another render only with the hair… let see what the rendertimes say about it.

Also for the first close up I will need another model with a much more detailed hair…






Creating the terrain, has been really heavy, too much to show, and full of vegetation… I really wana do a Spaceship animation next time!!!


I decided that I wont put too much detail on the background, ┬ábecause the low deep of field won’t let lots of details to appear. just in the close ups…

So I will animate everything and then just make the scene beautiful on that shoot for “that” specific camera sight.


This rusty background, can be fixed easily by the DOF effect :)




Working on the backgrounds now.

Here is some low poly Wheat I made.terrain_01