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Hunter God – WIP

Here is a project I’m now a days working on.

Is a personal project, in collaboration with Emi Shibayama an magnificent Illustrator and Art Director.
I’m bringing her characters to life, using 3D.
After a long preproduction, now we are finaly starting the project.

Here is some sketch modelling that i’ve been doing with a mouse… yeah… My wacom is not available sometimes …

I tried to ad some real looking muscles to later on retopologize the model with some better knowledge of the anatomy.

mudbox_07 mudbox_09

Translucent Woman body – WIP

Here is some images from a project I’ve been working in lately.

I used an woman model that I did some time ago, for creating the look for a “woman’s dermo care products” when I was woking for “Els Altres”

Creation of the YellowSheep

Hi there!, I will explain the process until the creation of the Yellow Sheep GIF animation.

I have to say that I’ve never worked with real looking hair before, so I had to spend some time investigating the creation of a nice hair.

Well how you enjoy this little Making Off.

First of all I modelled a lowpoly version of the sheep

Then I created some fast UVW unwarp for the sheep…. but I had to come back several times to the original model to edit the original shape to include more detail on the legs and some other parts that were too simple from the start.


I also separated the horns into different objects finally and I used Mudbox to add detail into them.

When I had the model almost ready, I started painting some basic texture, but I didn’t like the result. Was hard to find nice references for the face textures, and I didn’t have budget on this project to move myself to find some of this Scottish sheeps.
The horns were looking nice, but not the face. <<see below>>


So finally I could build a nice looking texture using the few photos that I had, and menawhile I started playing with the Hair and Fur plugin that 3dsmax brings.
There results wasn’t bad but I played with the results until I got a nice hair…

here the sheep becomed 3rd level Super Sayan

If you see above, these were hairs created with the buffer system that come with hair&fur, and then I changed to geometry hairs… well actually, not geometry, but “mr prim” that uses Voxels for the creation of the hairs.
sheep_23 sheep_27
here some come back to the Buffer mode… but finally I used the “mr prim” mode.sheep_25
Also I was adding some color map for the hair root and tip, and adding some hair on the feet… here I was getting close to the final Sheep.

Finally I finished seting up a little bit better de lighting, added some variations to the hair shapes to make it look more natural, and also and trying to optimize the render to avoid flickering, too much noise, and keep the render times on a reasonable value.

And because it was for a website and behind the logo, the final coloring had to be quite palid.
yellow_sheep_16Hope you find this interesting and if you have any questions, use the comments! :)